Twitter break off the Astro_Time account, after 8 years of engaged activity with thousands of followers and retweets, just while this was diffusing through its Twitter Moment entitled “The Time Line” the long seeked Name corresponding to the number 666 of the Beast, finally made known in the year 2014 as from the call of the “Book Of Revelation” §13:18.

The verses 13:16-18 of the A­PO­CALYPSIS IOANNIS by the dictation of Jesus, forewarned us since 2000 years exactly of the dangers of the Radio-Frequency IDentification microchips project (RFID) for identify, ie track and control all men transactions, no matter rich or poor.  An RFID tag consists of a tiny radio transponder: a radio receiver and transmitter implantated to EVERYONE WORLDWIDE, able to control transactions. And not only this…

Do you glimpse any connection?

Why such a misuse?

Fear of the Beast? off line subjection?

What does the Church cover up, which must remain obscure?

Who keeps with Christ, can’t go wrong.

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